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Neither on Land nor at Sea is a research project by UNIDEE Residency Programs at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, initiated and curated by UNIDEE Visiting Curator 2022/24, Chiara Cartuccia. It takes shape across a series of residency modules and an accompanying public online/on-site programme.

The UNIDEE modules are programme-based, short-residency formats. Participating residents, selected via open calls, are offered the opportunity to expand on their ongoing research and practice exploring Mediterranean complexities and geographical thinking in the arts and beyond, within a group of peers.

Each module is curated and developed by the Visiting Curator with invited mentors and guests. The mentors in each of the modules propose the thematic and/or methodological framework that guides the collective work of the group.

UNIDEE team are:
Chiara Cartuccia – Visiting Curator 2022/24
Clara Tosetti – Project Coordinator
Annalisa Zegna – Research & Production Coordinator
Juan Esteban Sandoval – Director UNIDEE
Under the supervision of Paolo Naldini