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〰️  This page contains a collection of research and reference material stemming from the work and pondering of the curator, mentors, guests and participants in the Neither on Land nor at Sea project.

The page also hosts some of the individual and/or collective outcomes emerging from the residency moments, as scattered fragments of a wider picture. 

This is a dynamic space, it will change and adapt as the project evolves.

Sorry, I didn’t
Can you say that

is an exercise in mutual translation, weaved together by Omar Al-Zo’bi, Noemi Alfieri, Emma Ben Aziza, Tewa Barnosa, Virginie Bobin, Diyae Bourhim, Chiara Cartuccia, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, Vir Andres Hera, Danae Io, Joyce Joumaa, Asel Kadyrkhanova, Thais Akina Yoshitake, Nona Markaian, Engy Mohsen, in the context of Gestures of Untranslatability, Module V of Neither on Land nor at Sea, led by Qalqalah قلقلة (Virginie Bobin & Vir Andres Hera), with invited guests Andrea Ancira, Mirene Arsanios and Anna T.

[collective sense making] in [plain planes] of [future sediments] just [moisture and nothing more] is a glossary, conceived, compiled, designed by Blqees Zuhair, Yasamin Ghalehnoie, Tawfik Naas, Annie Albagli, Giulia Colletti, Valentina Mandalari, Pietro Lo Casto, Audrey Samson, Fran Gallardo, Chiara Cartuccia, during Neither on Land nor at Sea Module II [5-11 June 2023]

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